Incorporating Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis into the design process can help companies achieve aggressive product performance requirements needed to secure market share in today’s competitive landscape. Rand SIM’s CFD simulation services help teams identify problems before market introduction through uncovering insight and highlighting opportunities for design optimization, thereby reducing risks and avoiding costly warranty problems.

Rand Simulation’s CFD experts act as an extension to the in-house team and can provide consultation on the following product application areas:

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"Spent 4 years using Ansys Fluent for CFD simulations and successfully made the transition to Ansys Mechanical with Rand SIM’s help. With their support, I was able to implement structural simulations that not only increased design robustness, but also gave engineers greater design confidence and flexibility in their designs earlier in the development cycle. Rand SIM offers customer relationships where others only offer customer service. That is what separates a software vendor from a partner. Rand SIM is committed to seeing you and your enterprise succeed."

Product Analysis Engineer, Klein Tools