Designers of filtration devices and systems face unique challenges. Physical testing is often limited to very basic conditions and doesn’t accurately account for how the filter media will perform in a given system. Furthermore, testing rarely provides clear insight into the flow paths within a filtration system or indicates deficiencies in filter placement, thus allowing for under-utilized portions of the media, insufficient filtration and frequent replacement. Consequently, engineers and designers end up relying too heavily on experience and rules of thumb instead of innovation, especially when working under compressed go-to-market schedules. The result can be either an overdesigned system, downstream rework or warranty exposure.

Our team of simulation specialists has years of experience in extracting the design insight from these types of applications to empower more innovative design solutions and uncover the most effective combination of filtration media, location, orientation and system configuration to address even the most challenging performance goals.

Application Areas

  • Gas & liquid filtration
  • HVAC systems
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Water purification
  • Filtration media
  • Paper / cloth
  • Metal screens
  • Packed beds

Benefits of Rand Simulation Insight

  • Minimizing system pressure drop by eliminating flow recirculation
  • Maximizing filtration area through uniform flow distribution across media
  • Optimizing filtration media selection early in the design process
  • Mitigating excessive particulate build-up/clogging for extended life
  • Extending contact time for greater filtration efficiency
  • No flow/thermal expertise or software needed – We have it!

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“The engineers at IDP (now Rand SIM) truly are experts in the real-world application of CFD. Their approach is focused, prompt and accurate, and their level of communication is top-notch. They were a tremendous asset in uncovering and communicating the design strategy required for acceptable mal-distribution on a recent integral plate settler development project which incorporated some new technologies that will give JMS a competitive edge in the water and wastewater industries. We now have the confidence and collateral to apply what we’ve learned to future design activities as well.”

Sales Manager, Jim Myers & Son

Kerry Dissinger