Access hundreds of educational materials to get the most out of your Ansys software via the Ansys Learning Hub (ALH)! With courses, classes, lectures, learning rooms and more – you’ll find something valuable in the Ansys Learning Hub – no matter your experience level with Ansys!

Why get Ansys Learning Hub:

  • The ALH covers all physics and multiphysics software products,
  • Learn and access it at your own pace,
  • Help onboard new employees and software,
  • Stay on-top of industry trends and learn how you can reduce time-to-market,
  • Increase product reliability and reduce physical testing,
  • and ALH is packed with expertly curated resources for all skill levels and engineering emphases.

What you’ll get with your subscription:

Available in one year subscriptions, Ansys Learning Hub resources include:

  • 100+ in person and virtual Ansys training courses with certificates upon completion
  • 650+ self-paced workshops for hands-on practice
  • 250+ hours of topical lecture videos available 24/7
  • 400+ live training events annually lead by Ansys experts
  • Suggested learning paths to guide course selection and progression based on user profiles
  • Collaborative learning rooms for online discussions with SMEs and Ansys instructors
  • Application content and best practice guides

If you Do Not have access to the Ansys Learning Hub, please click the button below and an account manager will reach out to you with next steps.