Take advantage of these Rand Simulation and Ansys resources for software installation and technical support, user forums, and recommendations for enhancing your Ansys workflow and productivity.

Rand SIM Technical Support Has New Functionality

We’ve heard from our users how they would like better visibility for tracking their support cases. We’re happy to announce a new customer support portal to better manage your support requests and continue to offer superior service. Please use the link below to access the new portal – if you still require assistance, reach out to your account rep.

Ansys Tech Support & Installation Self-Service Guides

Based on high-volume support ticket topics, our customer installation and technical support page provides valuable resources for you and your team to use. Many of these problems are common and can typically be fixed by following our step-by-step instructions.

Ansys Customer Portal

Access product downloads, installation help, tutorials and application examples.

Ansys Discovery Forum

For customers with Discovery Products, receive technical support, installation help, product downloads, product documentation, and training material for Ansys Discovery.

Ansys User Enhancement Requests

This system includes community voting, direct file upload/management, a sleek new interface, and more.