As optics and photonics become dominant influencing technologies in industries such as autonomous vehicles, communications, defense, healthcare, and manufacturing, many companies are facing new design challenges. Whether there is a need to solve complex optical problems, refine visual appearances, or design photonics components, circuits, and systems, simulation software can help companies optimize performance, minimize physical phototyping costs, and reduce time to market.

Rand Simulation’s optical and photonics experts act as extensions to in-house teams to perform simulations in two individual areas that address specific design needs or integrated together as end-to-end solutions that support a more seamless product development process:
  • Optics – Test optical, illumination, and laser system designs used throughout companies in optics industries around the world
  • Photonics – Simulate interacting optical, electrical, and thermal effects by looking at chip level photonics, whether on a circuit, waveguide, or fiber designing
Companies that partner with Rand SIM benefit from an analysis process handled by our experts while maintaining control of the design process. This continuous collaboration ensures all design guidance and ideas exchanged fit within each company’s constraints for timing, cost, manufacturability, size, and aesthetics.

Integrate your Optics and Photonics Designs

See your optical simulations in a new light with the help of our experts.