Homogeneity is the name of the game in mixing applications. However, reaching the desired level of homogeneity for the end application or in a timeframe suitable to meet production demands can pose considerable challenges for those engineers tasked with designing a viable solution that meets all performance, quality, size, cost and maintenance requirements. Therefore, whether addressing performance issues with an existing mixer or supporting a cost-savings initiative for a next-generation application, understanding the flow characteristics within these devices is imperative for producing higher quality products that are in compliance with industry standards.

Our team of simulation specialists has years of experience in extracting the design insight from these types of applications to empower more innovative design solutions and address even the most challenging performance goals.

Application Areas

  • Agitators
  • Static mixers
  • Nozzles / eductors
  • Paddles / impellers
  • Industrial mixing
  • Food processing
  • Medical

Benefits of Rand Simulation Insight

  • Assessing performance effectiveness before component procurement
  • Reducing time required for homogenous agitation with less power consumption
  • Enhancing low-level agitation through properly sizing & locating pumps/nozzles
  • Balancing overall performance with size, cost and maintainability
  • No flow/mixing expertise or software needed – We have it!

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“The IDP, now Rand SIM, team provided valuable insight into the performance of various mixing concepts within one of our latest agitators, allowing us to confidently provide a cost-effective solution in a new market area without sacrificing mixing efficiency and other benefits our customers expect from DCI and the PharMix® brand. In a matter of weeks, we had simulated all options and uncovered the most effective strategy for producing a homogeneous mixture and avoided significant laboratory testing. This got us to final testing and ultimately to market faster than previous product lines.”

VP Engineering, DCI Inc.

Brian Uhlenkamp