The development challenge to increase performance and efficiency while driving down cost and footprint is a reality for today’s heat exchanger manufacturers. Therefore, whether addressing a field failure or embarking on a next-generation product line, understanding the flow and thermal characteristics within these devices is imperative for producing higher quality products that are in compliance with industry standards.

Our team of simulation specialists has years of experience in extracting the design insight from these types of applications to empower more innovative design solutions and address even the most challenging performance goals.

Application Areas

  • Energy recovery systems
  • Air-cooled
  • Plate Shell & tube
  • Heat pipes / pumps
  • Double pipe
  • Compact
  • Spiral

Benefits of Rand Simulation Insight

  • Assessing performance effectiveness before tooling commitments
  • Establishing uniform flow distributions for greater thermal efficiency
  • Reducing product footprint without sacrificing performance
  • Minimizing losses, backpressures and dead zones for greater product reliability
  • Balancing overall performance with size, cost and aesthetics
  • No flow/thermal expertise or software needed – We have it!

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“Leveraging the simulation expertise of IDP, now Rand SIM, provided huge confidence in a recent furnace redesign. Our customer had some very aggressive performance goals for some of our legacy equipment to support an increase in production demand. With the quick turnaround and design insight provided by Rand SIM, we were able to confidently substantiate the performance gains with the redesigned furnace and provide our customer with a commitment to performance expectations in our proposal submittal.”

Engineering Manager, Ajax Tocco Magnethermic

Ted Burke