“Aerodynamics is a critical aspect of our cargo boxes, and thus something that needs to be accounted for and properly understood prior to releasing a product line. The team at IDP, now Rand SIM Technologies, was able to quickly uncover and communicate the flow dynamics and resulting forces on a next-generation box along with the changes needed to reduce drag without sacrificing aesthetics and enhance our go-to-market story. The simulation know-how, transparent communication and aerodynamic knowledge of IDP made the entire process very comfortable, to the point where we basically forgot they were not permanent members of our team.”


Kevin Bogoslofski – Chief Engineer, Thule



“We engaged Rand SIM after receiving a recommendation from a partner which turned out to be a good decision. Their team was knowledgeable, reactive, and ultimately proved up to the task of meeting our requirements within the required schedule. Communication and support through the project was of high quality and we will be happy to engage them again in future.”

Charlie Kellagher ‐ Project Manager, Space Forge


Building Ventilation

“Designing proper ventilation within an atrium has it challenges, but thanks to the help of Rand SIM’s CFD consulting team we were quickly able to determine the most effective strategy needed to mitigate cross-flow and thermal losses with the adjacent floors and provide the end client with the confidence to move forward with a design strategy and equipment procurement. Bottom line…these guys know CFD for atriums!”

Bradley Williams – Principal, Stantec formerly Edwards & Zuck


“The CFD consulting team at Rand SIM was a tremendous asset to Stantec on a recent Grade A clean room development project. Airflow requirements become more critical in Grade A environments to ensure safe, sufficient and sustainable operation within the facility. It was obvious from the beginning the Rand SIM team had extensive experience in simulating this type of facility, which not only provided the insight and interpretation needed to make informed design decisions but also made it an easy decision to include their engineers on design review meetings with our client. Their group is very responsive, competent and educational and I would recommend their services as a critical component of any ventilation design effort.”

Frank Johnson – Mechanical Engineer, Stantec


“Although we have CFD software in-house, we learned early on that more complex building ventilation studies need the expertise of a dedicated expert, and that’s exactly why we partnered with the team at Rand SIM. Their CFD specialists produced the insight we needed to base design decisions and communicate performance to our stakeholders on a challenging open system ventilation application. Unlike most consultants that work in isolation until the project is complete, the Rand SIM CFD team encouraged continuous collaboration; resulting in a complete understanding of our expectations, quick convergence on a viable solution and confidence in the chosen ventilation strategy.”

Brian Unekis – Principal, M-E Engineers


“The insight provided by the Rand SIM CFD consulting team definitely added value to a recent hangar project in the form of increased confidence in the proposed ventilation strategy and visual substantiation for our client. Rand SIM’s team was not only quick in their turnaround, but also investigated design alternatives on their own initiative, making our results review meetings even more informative. The risk mitigation has been huge for us, as the potential losses given insufficient performance would far exceed the cost of the CFD consulting.”

Oyvind Naess – Sr. Mechanical Engineer, Coffman Engineers


“Facility air quality is an important factor for us given smoke production as a natural by-product of our die cast process. The flow insight provided by the Rand SIM CFD consulting team allowed us to identify the necessary ventilation modifications required to keep up with recent facility expansions and properly exhaust residual smoke for a cleaner, more sustainable work environment. Their engineers were always prepared for each results review meeting and effectively communicated and interpreted the findings to all stakeholders to help guide our decision-making process and implement a solution that balanced performance with operational costs.”

Chuck Woodburn – Facility Engineer, Meridian


“The Rand SIM CFD consulting team is a very dynamic group that understands the importance of project collaboration. Although they were an outside consultant, they encouraged our involvement every step of the way, and were very efficient at handling the inevitable last-minute changes. This communication, along with very informative and interactive web-based results reviews, helped establish sound input conditions, confidence in the thermal analysis predictions and understanding of actual performance. The thermal insight and data produced, in a matter of a couple weeks, has provided a building block to better understanding our processes, which will ensure we continue producing best-in-class product lines.”

Jan Ettrich – Director of Engineering, Masonite Doors


“IDP [now Rand SIM Technologies] has been a great extension to the Moffitt team. The collaboration between our companies has not only ensured the right equipment is used for each building ventilation project, but also has provided collateral to substantiate product performance, differentiate Moffitt expertise and win business. The team is always in step with our objectives and will go the extra mile to make sure our technical and business initiatives are achieved in a timely and efficient manner.”

John Moffitt – CEO, Moffitt Corporation


“Air-Cooler and compressor efficiency plays a big role in the successful and sustainable operation of an LNG plant, and one of our biggest challenges is mitigating hot air recirculation under the vast prevailing wind scenarios these plants experience. The Rand SIM CFD consulting team was able to quickly and effectively uncover critical insight into implications of a proposed site layout, allowing us to react to expected challenges prior to finalizing the site lay-out. Their understanding of our goals from the beginning and communication during frequent results reviews, including our end client, made it easy to keep the project moving forward and everyone involved focused on the key objectives.”

Bob Giammaruti – VP and General Manager, Hudson Products Corp.


“The IDP team, now Rand SIM Technologies was a valuable partner to have on a recent head of state shelter development project we were conducting for one of our higher-profile clients. Our performance objectives were a challenge given limited space and multiple modulated sections needing proper flow and thermal stratification for occupant comfort. Their ability to quickly identify and communicate ventilation performance to an audience of mixed backgrounds and under compressed schedules helped ensure proper design decisions prior to component procurement. It is clear this team is experts when it comes to using CFD for ventilation applications to improve performance characteristics.”

Joe Klinger – Regional Business Director, Applied Companies

“Our job in engineering is to provide the best tools to improve efficiency at our facilities. After collaborating with the Rand SIM CFD consulting team on a recent effort to reduce hot air entrainment into our coolers, I can confidently say their services are one of the top tools at our disposal. Their analysis abilities, clear communication of findings and understanding of our applications made them a seamless extension of our team and resulted in a confident design strategy that improved efficiency without excessive cost. I will continue to advocate for their services as a more effective means to improve our operations compared to other alternatives.”

Facility Engineering Supervisor


Data Centers

“Securing a data center tenant can be a challenge for facility owners without upfront confirmation of sustainable operation given the energy costs required for cooling and post-installation retrofit costs. We have leveraged IDP [now Rand SIM Technologies] on several occasions now to provide visual evidence of a viable HVAC strategy to prospective tenants. Not only has the team been able to quickly depict data center thermal stratification, but also influence tile layout modifications to eliminate hot aisle recirculation for greater rack efficiency.”

Chris Kincaid – Sr. Design/Build Project Mgr, Lee Technologies Services, Inc.



“We engaged the simulation expertise of IDP [now Rand SIM Technologies] on a recent next-generation curling iron development project, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. In a matter of days our team was able to confidently make design decisions that balanced performance with cost and give us a major competitive advantage through the design insight uncovered by the team. This allowed us to use testing as confirmation instead of exploration and we found that the ideal design concept performed exactly as predicted.”

Dave Trettin – VP of Engineering, Thrive Thinking



“Rand SIM’s CFD consulting team not only helped extract the most thermal performance out of our next generation amplifier module, but through the process, also showcased the need to incorporate thermal analysis early in the design process where the cost of change is lowest and chance for innovation greatest. Their collaborative consulting approach would add value to any stage of the product development process, but the insight they uncover is best utilized for driving fundamental design decisions needed to produce a winning solution. Their expertise is now a key component of our strategy.”

Paul Winocur – Sr. Engineering Mgr., QSC


“The combination of simulation expertise and design insight provided by the IDP [now Rand SIM Technologies] staff added tremendous value to one of our recent product development projects. They provided valuable input and direction on the most effective design methods to efficiently resolve thermal challenges that emanated from thermal simulation of our initial design concept. The team provided ADI with confidence in the thermal aspects of a design concept very early in the development cycle enabling us to proceed to product manufacture with a high level of assurance of success. We will use their expertise on our next development project as well.”

Tom Brown – Engineering Mgr, ADI Engineering


“The analysis work performed by IDP [now Rand SIM Technologies] was a great value-add on one of our recent power supply applications. The design insight, real-world product knowledge and level of communication throughout the project exemplified the character and expertise of the staff and they really became an extension of our development team. Seeing our designs’ performance come to life right in front of us makes me want to put more products in the hands of the team for analysis, which we will on our next development effort.”

Ben O’Hanlan – President, Sealevel Systems


“The design insight uncovered by IDP [now Rand SIM Technologies] within one of our chillers quickly confirmed optimization of our existing heat sink along with modifications necessary to our blower strategy to further maximize performance across the entire product line. The team was able to answer the many performance questions our design team had been asking, which saved us the time and expense we would’ve otherwise spent to investigate manually. I look forward to partnering with them on our next development project as well.”

Lloyd Wright – CTO, Solid State Cooling Systems


“Perfection is impossible, but IDP [now Rand SIM Technologies] is as close as it gets. Their turnaround time is fantastic and the design insight they provided led us to the ideal cooling strategy for our product, which eliminated the need for exploratory testing, established a viable concept to guide the industrial design process and greatly enhanced our overall product knowledge. I’d recommend them to any organization looking to improve product performance for a competitive advantage.”

Michiel Lotter – VP of Engineering, Nextivity


“IDP [now Rand SIM Technologies] was an invaluable extension to our team on a recent next-generation development project. As always, time was short and we were faced with very aggressive design objectives. From the beginning, they were in lock step with our design intent and was able to provide the design insight, recommendations and component selection needed to mitigate derating the product at higher ambients and produce collateral to substantiate viability to our customers.“

Harrinder Sood – VP Engineering/Operations, 3e Technologies International


“At Allied Telesis, we are always trying to push the envelope in the carrier-grade telecommunications market space. As electronics evolve to be smaller and faster, yet consume more power, it is always a challenge to ensure our products will operate over a wide temperature range. IDP’s [now Rand SIM Technologies] CFD analysis consulting helped steer us in the right direction from the outset, which saved us time and resources by quickly abandoning some concepts and moving forward only with viable ones. Their collaborative consulting approach, along with impeccable communication throughout the process, provides an economical way of determining how to spend capital once actual design work and prototype manufacturing begins while having confidence in the chosen design path.”

Miles Fitch – Principal Mechanical Engineer, Allied Telesis, Inc.


“Many of our development programs are required to achieve very ambitious performance specifications due to the Navy’s demand for more power in less space. Rand SIM’s CFD analysis consulting team was a huge value-add on one such program. In a matter of days their team was able to vet out implications of critical design variables which produced the insight needed to move forward with confidence. They understand the applicability of CFD to real-world design applications and their ability to gain, interpret and communicate design insight allowed us to quickly converge on the most effective design strategy without distractions to our team’s other program-related responsibilities.”

Mike Jones – Principal Engineer, L-3



“The engineers at IDP [now Rand SIM Technologies] truly are experts in the real-world application of CFD. Their approach is focused, prompt and accurate, and their level of communication is top-notch. They were a tremendous asset in uncovering and communicating the design strategy required for acceptable mal-distribution on a recent integral plate settler development project which incorporated some new technologies that will give JMS a competitive edge in the water and wastewater industries. We now have the confidence and collateral to apply what we’ve learned to future design activities as well.”

Kerry Dissinger – Sales Mgr, Jim Myers & Sons


“CCC has built a reputation as the leader in carbon absorption filtration, which greatly increases our need to continuously deliver superior absorption systems filtration tanks. The staff at IDP [now Rand SIM Technologies] are not only technically sound, but also understands the business impact of showcasing product differentiation and thus were in lock step with our objectives from the beginning on a recent development project. With their expertise in CFD analysis and sound understanding of manufacturing constraints, we were able to quickly uncover and showcase a design that achieved our aggressive performance targets for a competitive edge.”

Jim Ruperto – Equipment Product Mgr, Calgon Carbon Corp.


Flow Control

“Many of our products are used in very rigorous applications that push the envelope of performance. We were concerned about the potential for freezing on one of our recent regulator design programs, so understanding performance was critical. However, given the extremely high operating pressures and low dew points, physical testing was impractical, so we solicited the CFD expertise of Rand SIM. Their knowledge of this type of application, strong CFD know-how and effectiveness in communicating performance insight gave us the confidence we needed to move forward with design commitments and delivery of a superior product to our customer.”

Al LaMastra – General Manager, Valcor Engineering


“Being in the business of aquatic recreation, patron satisfaction and safety when enjoying our waterparks is key to maintaining a strong reputation. The staff at Rand SIM recently assisted us on a new lazy river project and were quickly able to showcase and substantiate the ideal river layout to mitigate flow deficiencies such as stagnation areas and recirculation regions. Their team is extremely knowledgeable on CFD and its applications and is always in lock-step with our objectives, so we never have to waste time during review meetings – the focus is always on leveraging insight to guide our decision making process.”

Nate Soto – Project Manager, Water Technology, Inc. (WTI)


“Excessive maldistribution in an underdrain prevents efficient backwash, can cause structural implications and opens the door to warranty exposure; therefore, before an actual installation we need to be very confident in our design strategy. We partnered with IDP [now Rand SIM Technologies] on a recent dual parallel lateral underdrain system and were very pleased with the result. We plan to work with the team on future projects requiring CFD.”

Dave Werner – Project Mgr, Severn Trent Services


“IDP’s [now Rand SIM Technologies] collaborative consulting was a valuable part of a recent cost-savings development program at Hoshizaki America. Their simulation specialists were a true extension of our design team and not just an outside consultant. From the beginning, they had a clear understanding of our objectives and was very effective in communicating the rationale behind the required design strategy, which ultimately was confirmed by testing and resulted in substantial labor/material cost savings.”

Mark Barnett – Product Development Mgr, Hoshizaki America


“IDP [now Rand SIM Technologies] was an invaluable resource for us on a recent project aimed at enhancing the performance of our PECO technology. With their help we were able to better understand the fluid flow dynamics of our system and evaluate different possible solutions for increasing reaction kinetics. The team quickly uncovered an effective design concept for us to manufacture and test. The entire process was complete in less than a tenth of the time it would have taken for us to build and test the different iterations on our own. Their interactive, web-based results reviews were very informative and eliminated the need for travel, saving us valuable time and money. I’d recommend them to any organization looking to increase their product knowledge and design performance.”

Terence Barry – Co-founder and CSO, AquaMost


“I could not be happier with the service we received from Rand SIM’s simulation group on a recent CFD custom knowledge transfer to increase our proficiency in leveraging analysis to support our research and development operations.  Their turnaround time on the initial analysis was fantastic.  The training was valuable in understanding nuances within the CFD product.”

Dan Figola – General Manager, BaySaver


Heat Exchangers

“We have found a trusted partner in Rand SIM’s CFD consulting team. Unlike a lot of consultants that go behind the curtain for a long time and then say “voila,” their team helped mutually define a scope based on our design objectives and then executed according to plan. Their feedback was very timely, informative and extremely collaborative, which ensured we were always in control of the design process and that proper design decisions were being made.”

Dan Stevens – Project Mgr, Rockwell Automation


“Leveraging the simulation expertise of IDP [now Rand SIM Technologies] provided huge confidence in a recent furnace redesign. Our customer had some very aggressive performance goals for some of our legacy equipment to support an increase in production demand. With the quick turnaround and design insight provided by the team, we were able to confidently substantiate the performance gains with the redesigned furnace and provide our customer with a commitment to performance expectations in our proposal submittal.”

Ted Burke – Engineering Mgr, Ajax Tocco Magnethermic


“Achieving the proper flow distribution and overall pressure drop within a heat recovery steam generator is critical for attaining emissions compliance, system efficiency and customer satisfaction, and thus it is standard practice for us to leverage CFD to characterize system performance prior to actual installation. The IDP [now Rand SIM Technologies] team is a very transparent group that is committed to our success and has been a pleasure to work with due to their simulation expertise, open communication and willingness to adapt to inevitable changes in project scope.”

Chris Rockett – Mechanical Engineer, Rentech Boiler Systems


“In a matter of a day, IDP [now Rand SIM Technologies] was able to vet out a new heater technology that we were considering for process improvements. This saved our company an enormous amount of time, money, resources and energy, as well as provided tangible design insight we couldn’t have collected with physical testing. I’d recommend the team to any company looking for a quick sanity check before committing to any new product development activity.”

Mike Fredbloom – Engineering Mgr, Roberts Sinto Corp.


Heating / Refrigeration

“We were awarded a custom dryer project with an aggressive delivery date. In order to accomplish the project goals we were going to need to optimize the air distribution plenum design and the design of the insulated panel system to accommodate the 600 Fo internal temperatures. Both designs needed to occur at the same time to meet the overall project schedule. We chose Rand SIM to collaborate on the design. They were able to work closely with our engineers and designers to look at very specific aspects of the shell design so we could concentrate on the distribution plenums. The results were timely and allowed us to maintain the project schedule. We would definitely use them again.”

Robert Lane PE – Director of Engineering, Apollo Mechanical


“Extending ice retention rates is what it’s all about in the cooler industry. With our diversity in product lines, time required to build prototypes and the sheer number of design variables, relying exclusively on empirical testing to vet out design concepts can be impractical. Leveraging IDP [now Rand SIM Technologies] however, allows us to quickly and accurately determine this performance metric and gain much needed design insight to optimize material selection and overall design layout, ultimately compressing the design process and extending ice retention.”

Fred Schmidt – Product Engineering Director, Igloo Products


“IDP’s [now Rand SIM Technologies] collaborative consulting model fits very well with how we develop new products at Spectrum Brands and I cannot say enough about their expertise and value-add compared to previous CFD consultants we’ve used. From the beginning they were very clear of the actual problem we were trying to solve and clearly communicated all results in that context, which greatly enhanced our product knowledge, eliminated exploratory testing and will allow us to present a solid business case to marketing and NPD on a recent griddle R&D project. We’re already strategizing with the team on our next few projects.”

Jacob Smith – Sr. Mechanical Engineer, Spectrum Brands



“Rand SIM’s CFD consulting team did a great job of studying our product needs and determining optimal thermal design options to meet our criteria. Better thermal design equals better optical performance and they clearly understood both aspects.”

Will Buehler – VP, Product Development, SoundOff Signal


“Understanding the flow dynamics within our LCD monitors is a critical component of ensuring viable thermal management and overall product quality. The insight provided by IDP [now Rand SIM Technologies] uncovered the necessary design changes to some of our critical components for increased fan performance and cooler LED junction temperatures, providing us with complete confidence prior to tooling commitments.”

Kevin Hathaway – CEO, GemLight Technologies


“Leveraging IDP [now Rand SIM Technologies] not only gave us insight into the thermal performance of our Star Mini-Bar LED light, but they also provided design ideas and guidance for reducing LED junction temperatures helping to ensure the design would perform within Class 1 SAE specification. The insight gained from the partnership gave us the additional confidence we needed in the design before committing to final tooling.”

Steve Vukosic – Engineering Director, Star Headlight & Lantern Co.


“Naturally I had some reservations about finding an outside CFD consultant that would really deliver on all of my expectations, including cost. However, IDP [now Rand SIM Technologies] actually exceeded my expectations and provided a level of professionalism, promptness, enthusiasm and knowledge I’ve yet to find elsewhere. They understand more than just simulation, but the actual implications of design, aerodynamics and manufacturability; making them a phenomenal fit on a recent lighting program. I was very impressed with all of the information they presented as it was clear, concise and allowed us to move forward with making informed decisions to refine the design.”

Ken Wagner – VP Engineering, Hoffman Engineering


Mechanical / Structural

“We were looking for FEA software with more capability for post processing and faster solve times. Ansys was a brand we had heard about, but did not have any experience with. We contacted Ansys for an opportunity to test drive the software and directly compare the analysis process against our current software. Ansys put us in contact with Rand SIM which helped us through the process of evaluating Ansys. Through a couple of virtual meetings, Rand SIM was able to access our needs and provide us with the temporary license and training for evaluation. Evaluation was straightforward and we were able to see a 75% reduction in analysis time! This exceeded our expectations and we were convinced that this was the software for us. Right after purchasing the software, we immediately reaped the benefits. We were able to complete an in-depth pressure vessel analysis in one week that was estimated to take four weeks! From start to finish the entire process was smooth and the experience was very rewarding. It felt as though Rand SIM/Ansys was trying to solve our technical problem not just sell us something. We are satisfied with this software and the only regret is not having done it sooner.”

Eric Shorey, P.E. – Engineering Supervisor, Bachmann Industries Inc.


“We engaged Rand SIM with the fairly open-ended yet time critical request to perform mass optimization on the structural portion of a chemical propulsion system being developed for a major commercial contract. In this scenario, we recognized Rand SIM as world-class Ansys experts that could act as an extension of our own internal capabilities in a surge support capacity. The professionalism and responsiveness we experienced through this process absolutely exceeded expectations. Ultimately Rand SIM was able to deliver a well-organized CAD file with a detailed chart package describing the approach, methods, and results of the mass reduction that fed nicely into our customer-facing Critical Design Review.”

Bradley Hoover – Engineering Director, Benchmark Space Systems


“Spent 4 years using Ansys Fluent for CFD simulations and successfully made the transition to Ansys Mechanical with Rand SIM’s help. With their support, I was able to implement structural simulations that not only increased design robustness, but also gave engineers greater design confidence and flexibility in their designs earlier in the development cycle. Rand SIM offers customer relationships where others only offer customer service. That is what separates a software vendor from a partner. Rand SIM is committed to seeing you and your enterprise succeed.”

Product Analysis Engineer, Klein Tools


“Thanks for all of your support. After five days of using Ansys, I have real and very important results. I am now in the optimization phase of the design, rather than design analysis!! This was exactly what I was hoping to do and you guys enabled a senior naval architect, designing boats for a premier builder in South Florida, to get there! Thanks so much! Now on to optimization, redesign and re-analysis, hopefully with HPC.”

Robert Kaidy – Vice-President Engineering, SeaVee Boats


“Rand SIM’s assistance with FEA validation of our design was invaluable. It was instrumental in maintaining our relationship with one of our most valued customers.”

Dave Norris – Senior Mechanical Designer, Micronics, Inc.


“Our engineering team utilized Rand SIM’s services for a comprehensive FEA to be used for the design and performance evaluation of a next generation design improvement initiative. To this end, Rand SIM’s FEA team provided detailed superior results in a very timely manner which, in turn, enabled us to continue our project on schedule with the confidence of realizing design improvements that will enable successful outcomes on our project. They will be a key part of our team on future development activity.”

Scott Nevinger – Mechanical Engineer, IMA Life North America Inc.


“With the diversity of our enclosure product lines we can have some very challenging FEA scenarios, particularly when it comes to non-linearity in materials. Achieving analysis proficiency is a must to support our development demands and a trusted partner is paramount. The Rand SIM team put our minds at ease right away. It was obvious they understood our situation and structured an implementation program that delivered on expectations. Their experience as FEA consultants allowed for a more in-depth understanding of the technologies and has greatly enhanced our knowledge and confidence.”

Greg Barner – VP of Engineering, Oldcastle Precast, Inc.


“Our entire team was extremely pleased with a recent FEA simulation implementation program conducted by Rand SIM. Most users were a little unsure initially because of some of the training that we have received in the past through a different reseller. They are used to the instructor just reading out of a book and following along. Typically in those types of classes, the instructor is just taught how to teach. Rand SIM’s program was totally different in that it wasn’t reciting out of a book and the instructor was actually able to answer technical questions about what was going on in class. They certainly know their stuff!”

Michael Greslick – Technical Software Administrator, McLanahan


“Rand SIM’s simulation team was a tremendous help on a recent web-based application-specific FEA training course. We picked up numerous best practices tips and I was pleasantly surprised with how effective the web-based delivery turned out to be – it kept me in the office and I absorbed a lot more than a traditional multi-day fundamentals course given the focus on our specific needs; ultimately increasing retention, adoption and confidence. It’s also very reassuring to know their experts are there when needed as part of their simulation post-training mentorship program.”

Mike Ventresca – Drafting Manager, Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc.


“The FEA know-how of Rand SIM’s simulation team was a valuable asset on a recent pre-proposal feasibility study.  Their communication with a global team, expediency in CAD clean-up on a large-scale industrial model and a report which summarized exactly what we were looking for from the shock/vibe analysis was top-notch.  Not only did their findings confirm some of our suspicions, but also provided the insight to confidently refine the solution during detailed design.”

Aydin Mohtashamian – Director of Program Management, L-3 Maritime Systems


“Simulation is an important arrow in our quiver at Ross Valve Mfg. Co., Inc. in order to continuously deliver highly engineered valve product lines and water control devices. There is no better place to turn than Rand SIM when it comes to getting assistance for everything from software issues to simulation problems. Their team of FEA experts have always solved our simulation problems in a single web meeting and the mentorship program they offer is extremely valuable. We recently were able to verify our design and confidently bring it into production with their support.”

Zakary Hughes, Lead Design Engineer – Ross Valve Mfg. Co



“IDP [now Rand SIM Technologies] provided valuable insight into the performance of various mixing concepts within one of our latest agitators, allowing us to confidently provide a cost-effective solution in a new market area without sacrificing mixing efficiency and other benefits our customers expect from DCI and the PharMix® brand. In a matter of weeks, we had simulated all options and uncovered the most effective strategy for producing a homogeneous mixture and avoided significant laboratory testing. This got us to final testing and ultimately to market faster than previous product lines.”

Brian Uhlenkamp – VP Engineering, DCI Inc.


Rotating / Turbomachinery

“Our team wanted to understand the impact on performance for a product design upgrade. This upgrade would improve manufacturability and help reduce fabrication costs. Our team wanted to ensure ahead of expensive prototype and testing that the new implementation of the design would not impact the product performance. We leveraged the fluid dynamics simulation expertise of Rand SIM Technologies to perform this study and were very impressed with their professionalism and efficiency performing this simulation. They provided the confidence we needed in the design before moving forward with tooling and manufacturing for the design upgrade. We highly recommend the Rand SIM simulation group for your digital analysis and optimization needs.”

John Warr – Senior Process Engineer, Detroit Diesel – Daimler


“The Rand SIM CFD consulting team was quickly able to both validate some of our performance intuitions as well as uncover some unexpected findings that helped quantify the opportunity for Hp reduction and point our team in the right direction for future development of our corn harvesters. Their team was clear on our objectives from the beginning and I was well satisfied with the overall business agreement.”

Chris Schloesser – Director, Product Development, Oxbo International Corporation


“We had a very challenging task recently of designing a fan wheel that provided sufficient motor cooling for one of our higher-profile clients. Basic fan laws could only get us so far given the size restrictions of the fan compartment, and thus we needed a thorough understanding of the dynamic interaction within the system to extract every possible CFM. The insight produced within a compressed schedule by the Rand SIM team on each concept investigated gave us the clarity and confidence needed to converge on a fan solution that provided sufficient flow while maintaining manufacturability.”

Rick Bursh – VP of Sales, Illinois Blower


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