Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are devices that store energy from renewable sources, like solar and wind. When supply exceeds demand, BESS restores that energy to the grid, providing it with much-needed flexibility and resiliency.

Fueled by an increasing desire for renewable energies, many Utilities are considering significantly increasing their investments in BESS. However, this large array of energy storage comes with risks and challenges to cooling and ventilation system design, and potentially significant costs of on-site modifications should the challenges not be addressed up front.

The Rand Simulation team of CFD experts can help you reduce the chance of costly rework on built structures by testing a battery energy storage system design early in the process or when the system goes down, identifying possible performance issues, and adjusting the design to address those issues.

Our analysis capabilities include:

  • Evaluating HVAC performance
  • Quantifying temperature uniformity in batteries
  • Ensuring temperature is within the range set by warranty
  • Resolving aging discrepancies between batteries
  • Solving end of life capacity problems

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