Improve Accuracy

The optimization and improvement of industrial equipment technologies have been an ongoing focus of leading manufacturers and product developers for decades. To get the most out of the next phase of refining sophisticated equipment, engineers are turning to the latest simulation tools for data to drive continuous improvement.

Create Robust and Reliable Equipment

Being able to simulate each link in the chain of a complicated industrial system in the real world is a real game-changer. Accurately test environmental impacts down to the component level and improve system performance to increase operational efficiency, durability, and reliability.

Couple Software Suites for End-to-End Simulation

Ansys offers the ability for engineers to couple multiple physics (multiphysics interactions) together to create a holistic view of your product in one digital environment. Examples:

  • In the industrial equipment sector, Ansys multiphysics was instrumental in simulating the performance of a hydraulic press, incorporating fluid dynamics analysis alongside structural FEA to optimize its design for maximum efficiency while ensuring the mechanical integrity of critical components under high pressure.
  • Engineers utilized Ansys multiphysics to model the behavior of a heat exchanger, integrating thermal and fluid flow simulations with structural FEA to accurately predict temperature distributions and stress concentrations, ultimately enhancing the device’s performance and lifespan in demanding operational environments.

Optimize Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing

Ansys simulation software is the leader in digital twins for defense firms and contractors. Digital twins are utilized to execute live virtual systems analyses which help your team schedule predictive maintenance before system failures arise. Digital twins also help firms decrease the downtime of mission-critical systems and enable performance optimizations to ensure optimal efficiency. The Rand SIM team can help you acquire the mission-critical digital twin solutions needed to stay ahead of the threat.

Powerful Simulation Tools & Services Tailored to Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

We can help you choose the right products and solutions to help engineers work through the following challenges and applications for industrial equipment manufacturers:

  • 5G, wireless fidelity and antenna design • Electrification and EMC compliance (electromagnetic testing)
  • EMI/magnetic interference testing via simulation
  • Circuitry and PCB simulation of heat transfer and electromagnetic interference of components
  • Packaging system simulation and particle mechanics
  • Vibration and shock testing of equipment or products
  • Rotating machinery and structural simulation
  • Heat exchangers and fluids simulation
  • Testing of battery energy storage systems

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