Rand Simulation’s ADOPT Program (Ansys Development & Ongoing Proficiency Training) provides ongoing learning to strengthen user proficiency and overall Ansys ROI through direct collaboration and mentorship from Rand SIM’s team of fluids, structures and electronics experts on an annual basis.

Rand SIM is committed to strengthening our partnerships with customers by delivering strategic business value that goes beyond basic technical support provided by a reseller. Initial training shortens the learning curve and establishes a foundation of knowledge; but proficiency, the key ingredient to driving technology adoption, is the result of ongoing education and development through interaction with subject matter experts. This is why Rand SIM created the ADOPT Program.


  • Focused and uninterrupted guidance from a dedicated Rand SIM expert
  • A pool of Ansys licenses (first 90 days) to ensure access for all engineers
  • Customized ALH learning path with live reinforcement from your Rand SIM expert
  • Project-based mentoring for more design exploration, innovation and confidence
  • Tighter interaction and knowledge sharing between your account and Rand SIM

Program Overview

Ansys Learning Hub (ALH) – 12 Month Subscription

  • 150+ training topics with certificates upon completion
  • 700+ self paced workshops and hands on practice
  • 300+ hours of pre-recorded lecture videos 400+ live training events annually led by Ansys experts
  • Subject learning rooms for online interaction & discussion

Foundations Development – First 90 days

  • Ansys & ALH license pool for all engineers
  • Discovery call to assess simulation applications
  • Custom ALH learning plan outline
  • (2) 1 ½ hour reinforcement sessions (recorded)

Ongoing Proficiency Enhancements – Quarterly

  • (1) 2 hour engineering session each quarter (recorded)
  • Current or upcoming project guidance
  • Training around common tech support issues
  • Latest release feature overview & training

Maximize Your Ansys Software

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