Reduce Development Costs and Time-to-Market with Simulation

Simulation offers limitless opportunities for engineering innovation in the automotive industry. With the ability to couple several powerful Ansys software tools together, engineers can test and optimize a product end-to-end in a virtual environment, without having to spend exorbitant amounts of money and time to get a new product across the finish line. The advancement of simulation allows engineers to remove cycles from the product development lifecycle and to make more intelligent decisions early on and iterate in hours, not days, weeks, or months.

Pass Regulatory Testing Utilizing Simulation

Simulation can help overcome the hurdles of regulatory compliance and federally mandated testing. While doing physical product testing is an industry norm, utilizing simulation saves time and money, and provides advanced testing capabilities that provide valuable insights into the performance of your product.

Improve Safety and Product Performance with Simulation

Improve the safety and performance of your automotive product with simulation. Whether you’re looking to test the performance of lighting, the heat transfer through the braking system, or the flow of oil through mechanical parts, Rand Simulation can help. There are limitless opportunities to utilize simulation for safety and performance testing, and these are just three of thousands of examples where simulation can speed up engineering cycles.

Material Selection and Digital Testing

Ansys empowers automotive engineering teams with advanced capabilities in of selecting and testing materials in a digital environment, without needing to produce physical prototypes early in the product development lifecycle – leading to significant cost savings and time to mass production. Simulation then allows engineers to test materials for deformation, heat tolerance, vibration, electrical interference and much more.

Powerful Simulation Tools & Services Tailored to the Automotive Market

We can help you choose the right products and solutions to help engineering teams solve the following challenges and applications in the automotive industry:

  • Aerodynamics and fluid physics
  • Structural component testing
  • Automotive electronics simulation
  • Lighting and optical simulation
  • Heat transfer of solids and fluids
  • Performance of batteries in electric vehicles and hybrids
  • Wireless connectivity and magnetic shielding Connect with the experts in simulation at Rand SIM to take your product development to the next level!

Connect with the experts in simulation at Rand SIM to take your product development to the next level!

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