Physics-Based Component Design

Physics-based models allow defense engineers to predict how a component will behave under various conditions, such as different loads and temperatures. This allows engineers to test and optimize the design of a component before it is manufactured, reducing the need for expensive physical testing and prototyping. Additionally, simulation-based design can also be used to predict the lifespan and failure modes of a component, helping to ensure safety and reliability. Simulation-based component design is an important tool for the development of efficient, cost-effective, and high-performing mechanical systems.

Platform Integration Analysis

Simulation platform integration analysis is the process of combining, or coupling, different simulation software and platforms to create a comprehensive simulation environment. This can involve combining multiple simulation software packages, such as Ansys mechanical, electrical, and thermal suites, as well as integrating with other software such as CAD and CAE. Integration analysis aims to create a seamless workflow that exchanges data and results between the different software modules, and to enable the use of multiple simulation models within a single digital environment.

Digital Mission Performance Assessments

Digital mission performance assessments via simulation are an important tool for defense firms. They allow firms to evaluate and improve the capabilities of their products and systems before they are deployed in the field. Simulation can also be used to train operators and maintainers on how to effectively use the system, and to provide insights into how the system may perform in real-world conditions. Digital mission performance assessments are critical for the development of high-performing and reliable defense systems, components, and products. Ansys provides comprehensive simulation solutions for the modern defense company to gain the leading edge, save costs in physical testing and win more contracts.

Digital Twins for Predictive Maintenance and Optimization

Ansys simulation software is the leader in digital twins for defense firms and contractors. Digital twins are utilized to execute live virtual systems analyses which help your team schedule predictive maintenance before system failures arise. Digital twins also help firms decrease the downtime of mission-critical systems and enable performance optimizations to ensure optimal efficiency. The Rand SIM team can help you acquire the mission-critical digital twin solutions needed to stay ahead of the threat.

Powerful Simulation Tools & Services Tailored to the Defense Market

Rand Simulation can help you choose the right products and solutions to help your engineering team solve the following challenges and applications in the defense industry:

  • Integrated simulation across multiple physics types – fluids, electronics, structures, optics, photonics, and more
  • Performance of avionics, electronic components, and digital systems
  • Simulation of aerodynamic performance, hydrodynamics, and fluid resistance
  • Testing for signal integrity for antennas, connected systems and components
  • Shock, deformation, impact and drop testing of materials, components, and systems
  • Simulation of the performance of optical and photonic systems (lasers, lenses, circuits, fiberoptics, etc.)
  • Creation of digital twins for performance benchmarking, operational fatigue, and maintenance data
  • Thermal simulations of materials, fluid effects and electronics

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