Did you know that 73 percent of product development costs are spent on test-fail-fix-repeat? Traditional testing occurs too late, doesn’t pinpoint specific failure modes, and is retrospective rather than proactive. Ansys Sherlock addresses these issues with the traditional process.

Ansys Sherlock's powerful yet simple user interface empowers designers and engineers of all disciplines to simulate real-world conditions and model PCBs and assemblies to predict failure risks due to thermal, mechanical, and manufacturing stressors.

Ansys Sherlock is the only Reliability Physics-based electronics design software that provides fast and accurate life predictions for electronic hardware at the component, board, and system level. Reliability Physics Analysis is an engineering product-development methodology that applies the knowledge derived by Physics of Failure to produce failure-free products and systems.

Ansys revolutionized electronics design and reliability with Sherlock, which is used to predict product failure early in the design process, long before time or money is spent developing prototypes. Use it to:

  • Reduce model build times for FEA of electronic hardware from two weeks to 45 minutes
  • Increase first pass yields during manufacturing
  • Avoid re-design and re-test due to failures during constant temperature, thermal cycling, power cycling, vibration, and mechanical shock qualification
  • Evaluate the impact of design changes quickly without EDAD re-layout
  • Increase employee and customer satisfaction
  • Bridge the simulation workflows of SI Wave, Icepak and Mechanical users
  • Connect simulation to material and manufacturing costs
  • Quickly generate reliability reports to increase design confidence for internal and external customers
  • Reduce warranty returns in the field
  • Accelerate the introduction of new technology and design changes
  • Perform failure analysis using collected real world data in tandem with simulation

Take your product designs to the next level.

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