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What to Expect with Ansys nCode DesignLife

Ansys nCode DesignLife, the industry-leading tool for durability analysis, gives you a comprehensive diagnostic fatigue process to predict your product’s operational lifetime. It is fully integrated into Ansys Workbench for ease of use and smooth workflow. You can create complex loading "duty cycles" based on measurements that represent real-life forces on products, or use anticipated loading histories.

Fatigue analysis process
Once created, the fatigue process can be captured and reused. Engineers without fatigue expertise can evaluate modified product designs to determine the updated product life. Start-to-end automation avoids the majority of errors and ensures consistency, especially in large organizations in which multiple engineers might be analyzing the results.

Additional features
Short-Fiber Composite Fatigue Life Calculations and Distributed/MPI Solve functionalities have recently been added to Ansys nCode DesignLife.

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