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Integrated with Motor-CAD are four modules that perform Multiphysics calculations quickly and iteratively, helping manufacturers get from concept to final design in less time.

Four Modules Integrated into Ansys Motor-CAD
  1. EMag | Electromagnetic Performance Predictions
    Optimize designs quickly and easily with parameterized templates and geometries. Use it to perform electromagnetic performance tests such as calculation of torque, power, losses, voltages, currents, inductances, flux linkages, and forces
  2. Therm | Thermal Performance Predictions and Advanced Cooling System Design
    Improve motor efficiency power output by calculating the temperature of motor components in steady-state and transient operating conditions and accurately modeling thermal behavior within seconds of the calculations
  3. Lab | Efficiency Mapping and Performance Across a Duty Cycle
    Quickly and accurately analyze any electric machine design over the full operating envelope; perform efficiency mapping and drive cycle analysis within minutes
  4. Mech | Mechanical Analysis
    Maximize electromagnetic performance within mechanical limits in rotor designs by calculating stress and displacement in rotors during operation

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Take your advanced electric motor product designs to the next level.

Take your advanced electric motor product designs to the next level.

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