Ansys Electronics Pro 2D

Widely used in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and telecommunications, Ansys Electronics Pro 2D is ideal for 2D low frequency magnetic analysis, 2D parasitic extraction, RF system analysis for the prediction of radio frequency interference, and circuit simulation with advanced RF functionality. Its user-friendly interface housed within the Ansys Electronics Desktop enables engineers to solve electromagnetic problems where a 3D solver is not needed.

Ansys Electronics Pro 2D includes low-frequency quasi-static and transient solvers; RLGC extraction capabilities; an intuitive template-based design flow that supports the automatic generation and analysis of different electric machine designs and electronic transformers; and it provides analog, digital, and system-level circuit analysis tools as well as radio frequency interference and electromagnetic interference solutions
Contents of the Electronics Pro 2D Package
  • Electronics Desktop 2D Prep/Post
  • Maxwell 2D, PExprt, RMxprt
  • 2D Extractor – Simplorer (Analog and Digital)
  • EMIT
  • Optimetrics
  • DC Transient, RF Circuits

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