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With access to the Ansys electromagnetics simulation solutions and direct links to the complete Ansys portfolio of thermal, fluid, and mechanical solvers for comprehensive Multiphysics analysis, engineers can build best-in-class products while minimizing testing costs, complying with regulations, and reducing product development time. The tight integration among these solutions gives engineers unprecedented ease of use for setup as well as faster resolution of complex simulations for design and optimization.

Get Ansys Electronics Enterprise and empower your engineers to:
  • Analyze a broad range of electromagnetic, electromechanical, RF, circuit, and system-level applications
  • Verify virtual compliance with extended SIwave features that include:
    • HFSS Regions
    • Nexxim time-domain circuit simulation
    • Fast impedance and cross-talk scanning
    • Near- and far-field radiation patterns
    • IBIS analysis
  • Perform EMI simulations on PCBs and systems to ensure EMC success
  • Perform direct modeling and CAD geometry with access to SpaceClaim Design Modeler
  • Speed design exploration with rapid design exploration.
  • Accelerate simulations with Accelerated Doppler processing for Ansys HFSS SBR+
Contents of the Ansys Electronics Enterprise Package
  • Electronics Desktop 2D Prep/Post
  • Maxwell 2D, PExprt, RMxprt
  • 2D Extractor • Simplorer (Analog and Digital)
  • EMIT
  • Optimetrics
  • Nexxim Circuit (DC, Transient, RF)
  • Nexxim Circuit (SI)
  • Electronics Desktop 3D Prep/Post
  • ECAD & MCAD Translation
  • Network Data Explorer
  • HFSS
  • Maxwell 3D
  • Q3D Extractor
  • Icepak
  • SIwave (DC, AC)
  • SIwave (Transient, HFSS Regions, EMI, etc.)
  • Design of Experiments
  • SpaceClaim Design Modeler
  • Accelerated Doppler Processing

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Take your electronic product designs to the next level.

Take your electronic product designs to the next level.

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