Ansys Rocky - Particle Dynamics Simulation Software

Quickly and Accurately Simulate Particle Flows

Rocky is designed to solve engineering problems. Rocky is uniquely capable of modeling real particle shapes – including any solids, 2D shells, and rigid and flexible fibers. The simulations are fast and accurate. With multi-graphics processing unit (GPU) solver technology, you can simulate the behavior of different shaped and sized particles in many industrial applications.

  • Multi- GPU Solver
  • Scalable, efficient, large particle counts
  • Realistic Particle Shapes including fibers
  • Wear modeling, particle breakage, cohesion
Solve the Largest, Most Complex Particle Simulations With Ease

Ansys Rocky unlocks the potential of solving the most challenging DEM simulations. Large scale simulations, going up to millions of particles, can be solved using real particle shapes on multi-GPU’s.

Key Features
Rocky is the premier tool for quickly and accurately simulating the behavior of bulk materials with complex particle shapes and size distributions.

  • Multi-GPU Processing
  • Realistic, Complex Particle Shapes
  • Fluid Mechanics Coupling
  • Structural Mechanics Coupling
  • Electromagnetic Coupling
  • Multibody Dynamics
  • Breakage Modeling

Take your advanced product designs to the next level.

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