This CFD bundle includes full versions of Ansys Fluent, CFX and SpaceClaim to provide fast results with accuracy and robustness.

Ansys Fluent software contains the broad physical modeling capabilities needed to model flow, turbulence, heat transfer and reactions for industrial applications—ranging from air flow over an aircraft wing to combustion in a furnace, from bubble columns to oil platforms, from blood flow to semiconductor manufacturing, and from clean room design to wastewater treatment plants. Fluent spans a broad range, including special models with capabilities to model in-cylinder combustion, aero-acoustics, turbomachinery and multiphase systems.

Ansys CFX is a high-performance computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software tool that delivers reliable and accurate solutions quickly and robustly across a wide range of CFD and multiphysics applications. CFX is recognized for its outstanding accuracy and speed with rotating machinery such as pumps, fans, compressors, and gas and hydraulic turbines.

Ansys SpaceClaim is a fast and intuitive 3-D modeling software solution that enables any analyst or engineer to create, edit and repair geometry for CFD no matter where they are in the workflow.