Companies in the aerospace, automotive, military, oil and gas, consumer electronics, and energy sectors use Ansys EMA3D Cable to simulate electromagnetic interference (EMI) from cable harnesses and devices, identify electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues, and evaluate protection schemes early in the design process. The simulation workflows are easy to learn and intuitive to use, so engineers can quickly define the contents of the cable to test, iterate, and optimize designs before any money is spent on building the physical prototype.

This early testing increases the chance that the product will pass EMC certification tests the first time, saving the company a tremendous amount of money, getting products to market faster, and reducing stress on the engineering teams.

With Ansys SpaceClaim as its CAD pre-processor and GUI engine, Ansys EMA3D Cable offers fast and easy-to-use workflows. Engineers don’t need to leave the SpaceClaim environment for CAD development, property assignment, or post-processing, and meshing is fast and never fails, even with imperfections in the CAD geometry.

Substantially decrease cost and risk on the path to EMC certification by using Ansys EMA3D Cable to analyze:

  • Radiated coupling to cables
  • Radiated emissions from cables
  • Coupling through shields
  • EMI crosstalk between cables
  • Current return network optimization
  • Cable signal integrity
  • Lightning coupling to equipment interfaces
  • HIRF fields and cable coupling
  • Enclosure shielding effectiveness

Take your advanced electronic product designs to the next level.

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