Introducing Corvid Cloud

By leveraging Corvid HPC for Ansys Software, your team can supplement on-premise hardware with the latest high performance computing resources to perform a higher volume of simulations with quicker results and greater economic efficiency.

Your simulations can be larger and more complicated -- with higher-fidelity and accuracy, using high-performance computing (HPC). Corvid HPC allows users to scale -- from single-user to larger teams -- both efficiently and economically. Rand Simulation and Corvid have partnered to offer a simple, turnkey, and cost-effective HPC solution for organizations of all sizes.

Solution overview:

  • Ansys tools preinstalled & preconfigured
  • ITAR, CUI, NQA-1 workflows supported
  • Bring your own licenses (solvers, HPC or Ansys Elastic Currency)

HPC made simple:

  • 6¢ per core/hr
  • $10 per TB per month
  • No subscription or data fees
  • Pre & postpaid available
  • $2,000 to get started
  • Discounted rates for off-peak hours

Learn how others in the SMB engineering space are increasing engineering throughput while lowering hardware costs by partnering with Rand SIM & Corvid HPC.

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