LightingThe demand for more versatility, greater luminous efficiency and more driving power only increases thermal management concerns as light output and color quality are inversely proportional to junction temperatures. Therefore, understanding the thermal characteristics within these devices is imperative to producing more reliable products that are in compliance with industry and consumer standards.

Our team of simulation specialists have years of experience in extracting the design insight from diverse lighting applications to empower more innovative design solutions and address even the most challenging performance goals.

LightingApplication Areas
  • Architectural luminaires
  • Tube lights
  • Street lights
  • High bay lights
  • Replacement bulbs
  • Signage backlights
  • Traffic and signal lights
  • Automotive lamps
  • Transportation
  • Safety and consumer
  • Fire and Rescue
  • LED, HID, Fluorescent, Incandescent
Benefits of IMAGINiT Insight
  • Assessing performance effectiveness before tooling commitments
  • Increasing energy efficiency and product reliability
  • Optimizing performance-to-weight ratios of heat sinks
  • Maximizing color quality and light output
  • Balancing overall performance with size, cost and aesthetics
  • No thermal expertise or software needed – We have it!
Leveraging the IDP, now IMAGINIT Technologies, team not only gave us insight into the thermal performance of our Star Mini-Bar LED light, but they also provided design ideas and guidance for reducing LED junction temperatures helping to ensure the design would perform within Class 1 SAE specification. The insight gained from the partnership gave us the additional confidence we needed in the design before committing to final tooling.
Steve Vukosic - Engineering Director, Star Headlight & Lantern Co.

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