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Whether there are weight restrictions in an avionics application, or the extremely high reliability demands in telecomm, the need for more power in a smaller footprint is a driver behind all electronic technology advancements. Many of these technologies must survive in extreme ambients, function properly at altitude, generate sufficient cooling without the use of fans, and yet still provide optimal system-level capability. Understanding the flow and thermal characteristics within these devices is imperative.

Our team of simulation specialists have years of experience in extracting the design insight from these types of applications to empower more creative design solutions, compress development cycles and get superior products to market faster with first-time quality and innovation.

Application Areas

  • Defense / Military
  • Telecomm / Networking
  • Semiconductor Design / Mfg
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Consumer
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Solar loading
  • Conduction-cooling
  • Natural / Forced convection
  • Component, Board, System-level
  • Electronics

Benefits of Rand Simulation Insight

  • Assessing performance effectiveness before tooling commitments
  • Increasing energy efficiency and product reliability
  • Optimizing performance-to-weight ratios of heat sinks
  • Balancing overall performance with size, cost and aesthetics
  • No flow/thermal expertise or software needed – We have it!

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Get a free project scoping assessment

See how electronics simulation helps build better products and reduce design cycles

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