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Energy consumption by servers and data centers is one of the fastest growing sectors in the U.S. With the push towards cloud computing and limited available space, today’s MEP engineers are challenged with developing new, and retrofitting legacy, data centers that are both cost effective and energy efficient. Finding the right combination of floor and ceiling tile layouts, CRAC size and location, drop ceilings and containment strategies can be overwhelming when combined with the pressures of very tight project schedules, which can lead to overdesigning and exceeding budget.

Our team of simulation specialists has years of experience partnering with MEP and architectural firms to quickly uncover the flow and thermal insight required to push the boundaries of today’s cooling strategies and produce energy efficient data centers needed to support rapidly growing IT demands.

Application Areas

  • Hot/cold aisle arrangements
  • Free cooling
  • Enclosure-based containment
  • Water-cooled systems
  • Energy audits
  • Transient thermal responses
  • Catastrophic failure modes

Benefits of Rand Simulation Insight

  • Assessing cooling effectiveness before construction
  • Validating energy conservation measures (ECMs) on retrofits
  • Substantiating performance claims to facility owners
  • Identifying exhaust recirculation and areas of cool air bypassing server racks
  • Optimizing tile locations, CRAC locations and raised floor dimensions
  • No flow/thermal expertise or software needed – We have it!

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Get a free project scoping assessment

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