Fully Test and Optimize Electronics

Simulation allows electronics engineers to test and optimize products during the design process, without having to assemble physical units for quality and performance testing. This means reductions in product failures and having to re-engineer, re-build, and re-test – equaling finished products hitting customers’ hands faster than historically possible. The high-tech industry is known for innovation in the end-run (product releases), why not tap into this philosophy when the design is penned, and valuable internal resources are on the line?

Develop Properly Magnetically Shielded Products

Effective electromagnetic (EM) shielding is typically essential for electronics products to achieve compliance with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards. Enclosures and insulation are typically the most common methods of preventing radiated electromagnetic interference (EMI) which can cause test failures. Our team of electronics experts can help you work through solving these challenges.

Ensure Signal Integrity and Connectivity

With the increasing demand for connected products and increases in interference due to the vast volume of signals in nearly every environment, it is imperative to properly test and validate products with Ansys simulation software. Understand potential pitfalls before you enter production and ensure your product maintains connectivity before it is used by customers. Many connected products also need to maintain signal integrity for the user or operator to remain safe (automotive, aerospace, industrial applications, etc.).

Experts In Electromagnetic, Optical and Photonic Simulation

Rand Simulation provides electromagnetic, optical, and photonic simulation consulting services and has professional engineers on-staff to meet the growing demands of the high-tech industry. Whether you’re looking to partner with us on a consulting project, or you’re looking for an Ansys partner to equip your team with the most robust simulation on the market, our team is available to help you achieve success.

Powerful Simulation Tools & Services Tailored to the Tech Market

We can help you choose the right products and solutions to help engineers with the following challenges and applications in the technology industry:

  • End-to-end chipboard and component testing and analysis in a digital environment
  • Structural component and material testing for deformation, shock, vibration and heat tolerances
  • Electromagnetic interference simulation from component to enclosure (EMI shielding)
  • Signal integrity testing and component optimization for antennas, Wi-Fi, 5G, Bluetooth and RF
  • Heat transfer of components, enclosures, and environmental effects
  • Optical system and component simulation
  • Lasers, lidar and fiber optics
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