Medical Device Simulation

Medical device companies are turning to the latest Ansys simulation software to develop the next generation of lifesaving treatments, optimize device designs, and accelerate the device development cycle. At Rand SIM, we have engineers with on-hand experience working on medical device projects and they understand the critical role simulation plays in getting new medical device products approved and available for medical practitioners to provide lifesaving care. We help your team identify the right Ansys software solutions and can partner on your medical device project to provide expert guidance via our consulting services.

Pharma & Biopharma Simulation

Historically, drug manufacturing and drug delivery process development required substantial investments of capital and time to produce viable outcomes. These outcomes not only affect the bottom-line of the pharmaceutical company, but the wellbeing of individuals relying on therapeutic treatments which can often be lifesaving. The facts stand that physics-based simulation helps to optimize production processes of therapeutic drugs at scale.

Clinical Applications

Physics-based simulations are enabling leading practices and clinicians to reduce, refine and even replace the amount of in vitro and in vivo testing needed to pass regulatory standards of efficacy – providing faster, safer and more effective treatments for patients. Simulation is developing the future of personalized medicine such as wearable technology and connected medical devices to provide individualized care. Simulation can also be used for pre-procedure analyses and training of medical staff before an in vivo procedure to reduce risks and improve outcomes.

Multiphysics Simulation in Medical

With the current advancements of in silico medicine, regulators are allowing the acceptance of “digital evidence” to support new and improved therapies via advanced computational models. Multiphysics simulation means that the medical industry can develop these advanced models by combining real-world environmental inputs across several connected software suites. Examples include the analyses of fluid and structural materials in stents, and the thermal stress in radiation therapy devices (electromagnetic and structural).

Powerful Simulation Tools & Services Tailored to the Healthcare Industry

We can help you choose the right products and solutions to help engineering teams solve the following challenges and applications in the healthcare industry:

  • Mixing and coating of tablets
  • Simulation of anatomical functions such as blood flow and breathing
  • Testing and optimization of devices for electromagnetic interference
  • Deformation and material performance of medical devices and related components
  • Connected and “wireless” medical devices and wearable technology
  • Analyzing fluid, structural, and electromagnetic inputs on manufacturing processes and equipment
  • Performing multiphysics simulations which enable comprehensive testing of therapies, devices and products

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