Ansys Discovery SpaceClaim

Built on direct modeling technology, Ansys Discovery SpaceClaim makes creating, repairing or editing geometry easy again, instead of a chore. Whether you are involved in concept modeling, reverse engineering scanned data or preparing a model for manufacturing or simulation, Discovery SpaceClaim’s tools are designed to remove geometry bottlenecks and accelerate the design process.

  • Powerful, single platform direct modeler to quickly create, modify and repair geometry
  • Full part, assembly, and drawing capabilities for design and concept modeling
  • Built-in CAD translators for all the major CAD formats
  • Powerful features to speed up analysis preproccesing workflows (e.g. Volume Extract for CFD analysts and automatic beam extraction for FEA users)
  • Includes toolsets for reverse engineering facted/scanned data, and editing or optimizing STL files for additive manufacturing and 3D printing.
  • Supports creation of manufacturing fixtures, process plans, or optimization and repair of models for toolpath creation
  • Creation, repair and rapid unfolding of sheet metal components

SpaceClaim Benefits

Ease of Use
With minimal training, anyone can utilize this user-friendly CAD tool. As quickly as you can innovate, you can create or modify any 3D file with SpaceClaim’s direct modeling paradigm. SpaceClaim frees you from the limitations of traditional concept modeling so you can focus on creating and designing, not the on technology.

Quickly repair, edit, or even create 3D CAD or faceted files types with Discovery SpaceClaim. You can easily share projects with R&D engineers, customers, CAE analysts, fellow team members, and manufacturers. No matter the origin (suppliers, online resources, or your in-house library), import and integrate any geometry in one environment.

Flexibility and Versatility
The unique toolset in Discovery SpaceClaim enables you to design rough concepts or highly detailed designs, no matter the modeling task or your level of training. You can even edit 3D data from other CAD systems. Prepare models for manufacturing, 3D printing, or simulation with the same tools, or reverse engineer faceted/STL files for use downstream.

Discovery SpaceClaim Features

  • Model 3D parts, assemblies, drawings or import and edit CAD data
  • Create manufacturing fixtures, process plans, or optimize and repair models for toolpath creation
  • Reverse engineer or autosurface any STL file in seconds
  • Prepare, optimize or edit any model for 3D printing
  • Design, import, unfold and optimize sheet metal files

SpaceClaim assists with manufacturing and design applications, concept modeling, and simulation preparation workflows. All bundle options include Discovery SpaceClaim.