Ansys Discovery Live

Ansys Discovery Live is an environment providing instantaneous simulation, tightly coupled with direct geometry modeling, to enable interactive design exploration. Supporting common fluids, structural, and thermal simulation applications, it allows engineers to experiment with design ideas and see instant feedback from their changes.

  • Easy, Fast, Powerful Simulation for Designers
  • Leveraging GPU technology to deliver instantaneous structural/fluid results with very little input from the user
  • Designers can quickly understand how changing the geometry or a boundary condition affects the stress, velocity, or deformation
  • Interactively modify the geometry - as soon as a particular modification is complete, the structural and/or fluid results will update instantaneously

Discovery Live Benefits

Interactive Geometry
What if you could make changes directly on a 3D model and immediately learn the impact of those changes? With Discovery Live, you don’t need to wait for modifications in geometry, remeshing, or resolving. Results are re-computed immediately—no need to start over.

Interactive Physics
When a load is increased, an input velocity drops, or a material is changed, you gain immediate insight with Discovery Live. Eliminate unneeded geometry preparation and use multiple physics on the same model.

Interactive Results
Discovery Live generates answers as fast as you can ask questions. Discovery Live is the only simulation tool that allows you to change the rate, location, and size of a particle stream, then instantly switch to a composite view to see the model’s maximum pressures throughout.

Discovery Live Features

  • See instant engineering simulation results for designer-level applications
  • Eliminate geometry cleanup, meshing, solving and post-processing
  • Perform structural, internal/external fluids, thermal and modal analysis
  • Edit geometry from any CAD source or model new ideas for exploration
  • Receive live updates as you change physics types or inputs, make geometry edits or alter display characteristics
  • Benefit from the readily available power of GPUs (graphical processing units)

Discovery Live’s groundbreaking technology is the bridge between design and simulation. Engineers can explore bigger solution spaces with more iterations. Discovery Live is included in Ultimate and Standard bundles.